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Fullabrook noise assessment reports released

Two reports into noise assessments around Fullabrook wind farm have been released to the public. A Compliance assessment report (15.3MB), by wind farm operator ESB, shows that noise levels recorded at four locations were slightly above the limits set out within … Continue reading

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Update on Fullabrook wind farm noise measurements

The full results from a noise measurement exercise around Fullabrook wind farm are expected on Friday 28 September 2012. Preliminary findings indicate that noise levels from some turbines are slightly above the limits set within the planning consent, in certain wind conditions. North Devon Council has … Continue reading

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Fullabrook noise measurement update

We are still waiting for the report concerning measured noise levels at Fullabrook wind farm and are aware of some residents’ concerns over the length of time this has taken. The measurement of noise at all 12 locations is largely complete … Continue reading

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Fullabrook wind farm noise monitoring update

ESBi (on behalf of the site operator ESB) has recently requested that noise monitoring equipment be withdrawn from a number of locations, as they believe that suitable and sufficient data has been recorded to enable an assessment of compliance with … Continue reading

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Reassurance over length of Fullabrook noise monitoring

Since measurements for the noise assessment started (on Monday 20 February), some useful data has been gathered.  However, we are aware that, due to high atmospheric pressure, winds have been very light for significant periods.  We would like to reassure residents … Continue reading

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Noise monitoring equipment around Fullabrook now installed

Noise measurement equipment has now been installed at the 12 properties chosen for the noise assessment. North Devon Council appreciates the co-operation of residents, which ensured that the operation went smoothly on Monday 20 February. The equipment will now be … Continue reading

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Noise monitoring will begin on Monday

The locations for the noise measuring equipment have now been finalised with local residents and work will begin to measure noise levels on Monday 20 February.  Measurements will be recorded for at least one month to ensure that the complete … Continue reading

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Wind farm noise monitoring – locations explained

Some residents have asked us why noise monitoring equipment is not being installed at or near to their home. Therefore, we would like to explain, so that others, who are also thinking the same thing, can be informed. North Devon … Continue reading

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Noise monitoring scheduled to start on Monday 20 February

It has been confirmed that noise assessment around Fullabrook Down Wind Farm can finally start next month. The site developer ESB has informed North Devon Council that Western Power Distribution will allow for the wind farm to operate at full … Continue reading

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Agreement over Fullabrook noise monitoring locations

On Thursday 19 January, a meeting was held between North Devon Council’s Environmental Health team and Planning and Development Service, the wind farm developer ESB (parent company of Devon Wind Power Ltd) and their respective noise experts. At the meeting, ESB … Continue reading

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