Update on Fullabrook wind farm noise measurements

The full results from a noise measurement exercise around Fullabrook wind farm are expected on Friday 28 September 2012.

Preliminary findings indicate that noise levels from some turbines are slightly above the limits set within the planning consent, in certain wind conditions.

North Devon Council has been informed by the wind farm developers ESB that the majority of noise measurements carried out at 12 locations around the site are within the levels set out by the planning conditions. However, four locations recorded noise levels above the limit by a small margin. 

The noise experts are now considering whether there are significant issues with tonal noise and the final report will consider this issue as well.  The operators at Fullabrook have also informed the council that they are in discussions with the manufacturer of the turbines, so that any tonal noise from the turbines can be addressed.

North Devon Council Leader, Councillor Brian Greenslade, says: “We are very conscious that local people are eager to find out the results of the noise monitoring around the wind farm. Therefore, we are pleased the noise experts have now passed this preliminary information on to us. We are satisfied the monitoring has been done thoroughly and hope the findings will reassure some people, whilst identifying further work that the developer needs to do to bring all of the locations within the permitted noise levels and to deal with any issues associated with tonal noise.”

In an update to the council, the developer ESB says: “Where measured noise levels have been shown to be above the noise limits, additional mitigation will be applied to the turbines to ensure that the wind farm is operating below the noise limits, set out in the planning conditions. It is likely that the updated  mitigation will be implemented within the next two weeks.”

Once any actions have been carried out, further noise measurements will then take place at the affected sites, to ensure the turbines are meeting the agreed planning conditions.

The report will be scrutinised by the council’s own noise expert and council officers will be looking to pass on the findings of the report to local people, both by letter and by visiting those most affected.

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1 Response to Update on Fullabrook wind farm noise measurements

  1. Mike Hulme says:

    Notably the report above makes no mention of Excess Amplitude Modulation and yet information provided earlier by North Devon Council’s chief technical officer, was that there have been at least 32 complaints of unreasonable noise emanating from the turbines; some of which appear to identify the impacts as Excessive Amplitude Modulation (EAM). I do hope that we all will be fully updated regarding this most important aspect?
    Anyone wishing to better understand the effects of EAM can ‘experience’ the impact by following carefully the instructions at this link:
    NB: it is recommended to listen using good quality speakers or headphones.

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